LIV Contract of Sale of Land

(Licence includes LIV s32 Statement)

Law Institute of Victoria is now licensing the Contract of Sale of Land in Word format subject to express licensing terms for significant users of the Contract.

Licensing is only to Members of LIV and individual licences are issued by elawforms annually with a Licence No. The Contract is otherwise available as an online form for single transactional use at

Licensing of the Word Template terms are:

  • calendar yearly (January to December licences)
  • LIV Members only
  • users must sign a Licensing Agreement annually before each annual licence is issued
  • the footer of every Contract must carry the issued Licence Number and year of Issue
  • Firm name licensed must appear in the footer
  • LIV copyright acknowledgement must appear in all forms
  • pricing is based on notified expected usage which must be estimated and advised annually
  • signed Licensing Agreement

The Contract is strictly for legal firm use only and not to be sub-licensed to land agents and or developers.